“In the early 50's, Jazz, Blues, R&B, and Rock & Roll were the same damn thing, and Big Joe Turner was in charge of them all.”  - Jared O'Connor


Who is Kevin Mahogany?

Kevin Mahogany, Kansas City native, now brings forth a show that pays homage to the "Father of Rock and Roll" and the "Boss of the Blues"  - Kansas City's own Big Joe Turner.  After portraying Big Joe in Robert Altman's movie, Kansas City, this Big Joe Turner tribute is a natural progression for Mahogany. When Mahogany arrived on the international music scene in the mid-90s, it was with a sound that was both traditionally grounded and boldly innovative. The result was a much needed change to the musical landscape. Over the course of Mahogany's extraordinary career, he has made significant breakthroughs in style and sound that redirected, redefined and even reinvented modern music. The New Yorker said it best when they said, "there is little Mahogany cannot do."


"nature unleashes a gale force voice" - New York Times

"the standout vocalist of his generation." - Newsweek

"one of the first truly gifted male vocalists to emerge in years." - Los Angeles Times



What does Kevin Mahogany

and the Kansas City Revue sound like?


Born and Bred (mp3)


Other samples:


Tougher Than Tough (mp3)


Kansas City (mp3)


Next Time (mp3)





More on the Movie Kansas City and

Kevin Mahogany:

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Who was Big Joe? (Web Links)


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Big Joe Turner is the feature point of this show. The show uses a 45 song playbook, which ranges from the R&B of “Shake Rattle and Roll,” “Flip Flop and Fly” and “Honey Hush”…through the boogie woogie of “Roll ‘em Pete” to the blues of “Cherry Red,” “Sweet Sixteen” and “Kansas City.

Kevin Mahogany's self-penned composition “KANSAS CITY BORN AND BREED” sums up the theme of this show.

Big Joe Turner (circa 1941)

What did Big Joe sound like?

(YouTube links)




Hide and Seek 1

Hide and Seek 2

Wee Baby Blues

Feelin' Happy

Oke She Moke She Pop

(Live at the Apollo)

Shake, Rattle & Roll

Shake Rattle & Roll (1966)

Low Down Dog (1965)

Chains of Love

Chains of Love #2


Turner Speaks (audio mp3)





Shake, Rattle and Roll!

Big Joe Turner's 100th Birthday Bash

Starring Kevin Mahogany

& The Kansas City Revue